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Unlike other methods of forming metals, the drop forging method does not replace but it rather reveals the olden days black smith’s method of heating, hammering & forming the metal, using improved technology, tools and machineries. We are one of those black smiths who formed everlasting metals.

The method of forging the metal enables the metal to retain its inherent Strength in the grain of the original piece of metal. We take specific advantage of the flow, directing it to the most highly stressed points. Some of the most well know advantages of forging are :

  • Best structural integrity & inherent high strength.

  • Improved mechanical properties.

  • The least waste of metals economize the use of metals.

  • Viable method of forming critical materials.

  • Forgings are more reliable, beside lower cost and over component life.

  • Forgings accommodate the highest loads and stresses.

  • Overall weight reduction without loss of strength.

  • No hidden flows.

  • No internal gas-pockets or voids to cause unexpected failure under stress or impact.

  • Improved chemical segregation of metal by moving centerline material to various locations throughout the forging.

  • More resistant to impact and fatigue serves more component reliability.

  • Combination parts can be forged in one step.

  • Cost efficient to produce complex shapes.