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Corn Grinding Mill
Two long brass, special design of steel hopper, red thrust handle, Zink plating bolt & nuts, extra finishing of color is our speciality.

Crust plate is the heart of corn mill.

As per below designed crust plates find parallel therefore you can get maximum average of output only in our mill.

Horse Power & Output for Grinding Mill

Size of Mill Required H.P.  R.P.M. Size of Pulley Appx Output (kg/hour)
Fine Med. Coarse.
1A(10") 5 to 6 600 250 x 100 mm 200 300 450
2A (12") 6 to 7 550 250 x 100 mm 300 400 550

Export Packing Specification*

  L B H N. WT. G. WT.
1-A Mill 800 400 275 mm. 110 135 kg.
2-A Mill 1000 525 325 mm. 150 190 kg.


Necessary Precautions:
1. When ever you open the mill, clean off the flour which may have coagulated around the fixed stone, so that there remains no possibility of the stone get damaged.

2. Do not grind the stones, without feding into the mill, if you do so, you will make of the stones weaker.

* Note: Mill hopper packing will be given separately as per your instruction.
** Quality can not be explained orally or not on the paper. It can be found after practical use of machine.

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Corn Grinding Mill
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