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India Mark II Deep Well Hand Pump
Duty: Suitable for use in bore wells having static water level ranging from 12 mts. to 45 mts.

Stroke Length: 125 4mm.

Discharge: 17 liters per minute of 40 strokes.

A) Conversion Head: Side plate, back plate, front end top and bottom end plates are made from 4 mm thick MS plates. Bottom flange is made from 6 mm thick MS plates.
B) Handle: Made from 32 mm Square MS bar. Length of Handle 1170 mm.
C) Chain Assembly: 7 Pitch Chain assembly welded with M 12 Internal threaded coupler.
D) Cover: Made from 2 mm CR Sheet.
E) Water Chamber: Top and bottom flanges are made from 6 mm thick Ms plates. Pipe holder is made from solid bars to hold 32 mm Riser Pipes.
F) Stand: The Stand flange is made from 6 mm thick MS Plate. The pipe used is 150 mm medium 'B' Class pipe. The angles are 40 x 40 x 6 mm.
G) Connecting Rod: 12 mm dia MS Bright rod in 3 meters length welded with coupler electrogalvanised.
H) Cylinder: 63.5 mm I.D. Cast-Iron cylinder with brass liner and cast iron caps of 32 mm thread with two nitrile rubber cup washer (leather) and Plunger rod as per IS 9301 - 1984.

Riser Pipe: 32 mm nominal bore galvanized iron pipes of medium class.

A) Mobile team of minimum of 3 skilled person will be required.
B) The repair van has to carry all the special and standard tools.
C) The time involved for change of worn out cup washer will be minimum 1 to 1 1/2 hours depending upon number of Riser Pipes.

NOTE: According to customers requirement we can supply Pedestal with Round or Square Flange instade of legs.
To avoid Corrosive problems, We can supply U.P.V.C/Stainless Steel Riser Pipes with Stainless Steel Connecting Rods.

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India Mark II Deep Well Hand Pump
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