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Horizontal Openwell Pumps
Single Phase, S.S. Body
This single stage submersible pumps are ideally suitable for open wells, where there is wide fluctuation in water level. It rest at the bottom of the well. So priming and suction problems do not arise. Prime mover is water filled fully rewindable and water cooled. Dynamically balanced rotor and statically balanced Impeller maintains uniform clearance for better efficiency and frictionless working.
Domestic and village water supply schemes.
Drip and sprinkler irrigation.
Industrial purposes, Hospitals, Gardens.
River and canal lift irrigation.
Drinking water supply.
Small farms and Hotels.
Salient Features
Rotating parts are dynamically and statically balanced for 
   uniform clearance.
Bi-axially oriented synthetic film insulated winding wires.
Core with low watt loss laminations.
Stainless steel body for longer life.
Low power consumption.
Cast iron impeller with high head as well as discharge.
Technical Specification
S.No. HP Delivery Max.Head (feet) Discharge (Lt/Min)
1 0.5 1 x 1 40 56
2 1 1.25 x 1 60 90
3 1.5 1.5 x 1.5 70 100
4 2 2 x 2 80 110